Interior Design Commercial

Sue Chen

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Brisbane

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I’m an interior designer with a wealth of client-service experience, a passion for design research and travelling with a sketchpad in hand. I love designing custom solutions that are a harmonious blend of the local environment, my travels abroad, and my culture. I am professional, organised, creative and intuitive, with a strong teaching and mentoring focus.

I believe longevity is the key to sustainability and learning from the past gives us a better vision for the future.

Singed (side table)

This table is a unique blend of traditional Chinese interlocking joinery techniques, Japanese shou sugi ban, and the Australian native grevillea flower. Using time honoured craftsmen techniques, it is purely, simply, timber. Only sustainably sourced timber, and even reclaimed timber or offcuts, with no nails or screws, only natural oils, stains. The artful application of fire to ‘singe’ the outer layers for protection is a visual reminder that even charred wood serves a purpose.

In nature, life continues to find a way. After a bushfire, the Australian native landscape is renewed with diverse growth from the seeds lying dormant under the topsoil. So, under the charred tray table is a clean (or reclaimed) timber table top with the burned imprint of Australian native grevillea flower.

Assembled like a 3D jigsaw puzzle, using techniques that have stood the test of time, it can be disassembled and repaired endlessly. Longevity is the key to sustainability, and a reminder of the wonder of nature and why we must protect it.

Project/Client Website


A design and branding concept for your favourite local Sichuan Chinese restaurant. It is vibrant, intimate, and fresh, and combes authentic Sichuan with the Australian lifestyle in both décor and taste. Have a little slice of China in your own backyard.

The design features custom designed wall panels and the iconic Chinese red - the colour of celebration and good luck. It is buzzy, mouth-watering, sometimes loud, and always soul-nourishing.