Photo Imaging

Tracey Finch

Diploma of Photo Imaging Online

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I'm Teejay, creative director of Teejay finTon Photography based in Mackay, Queensland. I love capturing candid, lifestyle portraits for families, kindergartners, graduates & social media content (to name a few) and I wish to continue working in this field with the aspiration to venture into the wedding industry.

Family Is Everything

To create beautiful images for families... that is my love for photography! To me, there is nothing more important than family. I love being able to capture the candid, fun and fleeting moments in life that go by so quickly for other families, whilst capturing the small details and focusing on everyone's individual connections and portraying them in such a way, that they are memorised by their own reflection, when gazing upon their wall art!

This is a project that I am forever chasing, with the golden hour sunlight and will continue to assist my clients in every aspect (wardrobe, assistance with slight adjustments in posing (when needed), print choices, etc).

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Generation Z

To capture Generation Z portraits in a very well thought out and planned manner with shoot schedules, location and model releases and contracts. With the collaboration with professional hair and makeup artists, numerous models (both professional and beginners), these images are all part of my final assessment for my Folio subject within my Diploma of Photo Imaging. I feel like this is the best work I have created thus far in my career. I paid particular attention to lighting, location and composition for these images, which I feel has given me an edge amongst my competitors.

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