Interior Design Commercial

Tamara Gillies

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Brisbane

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Hello. My name is Tamara living in Brisbane. I am sensory and visually driven by textures, colours and shapes. I am very inspired and motivated by how we can improve our carbon footprint using sustainable solutions and biophilic concepts into my designs.

Industrial Green Retreat

This was a live project in collaboration with a Building Designer for a property developer. I was approached to develop a colour scheme for the exterior and interior. I developed 2 colour schemes. Beach Vibes and Industrial Green Retreat. The client went with Industrial Green Retreat.

Innisfail Library Concept Design

We had to develop a concept design for a community space within an existing heritage listed building with an art deco facade in a town called Innisfail in North Queensland. This had to fit the brief to include a space that not only could the local community use but internationally as well. I wanted to use an industrial art deco concept to compliment the towns art deco heritage and history.