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Hi, I'm Sophie. Born and raised in Sydney, I'm now currently residing in London, UK!

I'm an Architect in the making and an aspiring UX designer and web developer. You'll find me on my yoga mat, behind my analogue camera or with my head in the pages of my never ending book collection.

Driven and ever-enthusiastic, I'd love to develop my skills in a real life application.

Cloud: A Transportation App that Finds Calm in the In-Between

The app focuses on creating calm during in-between moments in transit. Your private, electric powered trip with Cloud offers a customised meditation which guides you back to reality as your driver approaches your destination. Arrive calm, grounded and ready for the next adventure.

Project/Client Website

Studio Acie E-Commerce Store

Studio Acie is a ceramic studio that I have developed over the last few years.

Wordpress was used to convey a clean, animated and down-to-earth brand identity with multiple e-commerce tools used to create a functioning online store where ceramics can be sold.

Security, plug-ins, competitors, budget and hosting were considered and PHP coding was incorporated.

Project/Client Website