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Hello! I’m Abigail, a Product and Web Designer in Sydney who loves to design solutions that speak to human experiences and inspire change. I care about the planet and its people, and I believe we can future-proof ourselves and the world through technology.

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All my ladies struggling to find the right doctor or women’s health expert, put your hands up!

hercare is a mobile app to help you discover medical providers and establish a network of experts you can feel comfortable with and supported by. 60% of women (based on user interviews and surveys) frequently change doctors in order to locate someone who understands their medical issues and history. Some women struggle to find doctors close to work or home, or are looking to break out of being referred to people they end up being dissatisfied with.

I created a digital platform that targets inefficiencies when looking for doctors. Through a geo-search, booking and personal recommendation system, users can have more confidence in their network of medical experts, creating a healthier future for women's health.

My end-to-end design process includes:
Qualitative and quantitative research
Data synthesis
User personas and journeys
Information architecture
Sitemap and customer flows
Low to high-fidelity prototyping
Usability testing


PaySave is your next go-to website for simple and efficient finance management and budget tracking. We often forget that managing finances is important, and through user research it was obvious that a majority of people who often abandon the task of budgeting usually find it too complicated to continue, or may be too overwhelmed to begin.

My goal was to design a product that solves the problem of inconsistent financial management- a central location where users can pay bills and keep track of expenses and savings, creating a better relationship between themselves and their money.

Through a design process of Discover, Define, Ideate and Iterate, I delivered an MVP which helps break down financial targets, budgets and expenses, providing a personalised experience for each user.