Photo Imaging

Sebastian Guerra

Diploma of Photo Imaging Ultimo

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Name is Sebastian Guerra Rosas, Peruvian descent from Sydney AU.  Portraiture photography has extensively grown and is my favoured genre, where I feel it is my belonging. Personal likes in film and digital format as myself have sustain shooting over sometime. I am a freelancer currently always collaborating with others.

Little Foot

This project of a young 3 year old and her family. The title indicates a little girl and her family that whats nothing more to seek the playfulness that her love for her mother and father. I believe techniques I was able to show are the sense, touch and feel of connection in this project all natural light with close, wide and depth perspective.

no tittle

This project became more of a reflection on holding what matters the most to us. Characteristic and personality to provoke their own expression and finding ways on how we find human difference showcasing life in 2021 in Australia. All images are taking same time of day to capture true still life.