Communication Design

Lucy Limmer

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Hi, I’m Lucy and I am a communication designer creating heartfelt and holistic designs that spark joy and meaningful connections with people. Using a combination of intuition and rationality through strategic and design-forward thinking, I aim to recognise patterns and construct ideas that are just as emotionally beautiful as they are functional. I feel strongly about getting lost in what you love, and whilst my passions lie within typography, branding, event stationery and print marketing, I am always looking to acquire new skills within the design world.


Designed in reaction to Acumin Pro with additional inspiration taken from the Bodoni 72, Brescia was born to be a sophisticated cousin of its forebearers. With a soft curvilinear appearance interjected by sharp angled apexes and ascenders, Brescia has an intellectual presence that offers a sense of refinement on its application. Brescia unites both functional and experienced sensibilities, remaining legible at a small point size without sacrificing its finesse. Featuring delicate hairlines for maximum contrast to exude a timeless, yet contemporary elegance, Brescia is ideal for branding and headlines that require detail and a sense of quality. This typeface aims to offer another bridge between aesthetic and brand requirements.

Rapture Aircraft

Rapture is a family of affordable one and four-seat performance aircraft, with its origins inspired by designs developed in the 1970’s by Nick Jones, the White Lightning and the Lightning Bug. Rapture Aircraft exists to meet the needs of the performance-oriented “go fast” experimental aircraft enthusiast. They required a brand that reflects the understated luxury-affordable that clients, both young and old, have come to expect, as well as a communication platform that will express their affinity with global travel and destination insight.

I developed the central theme ‘Superior perfomance. Full throttle.’ - with the logo representing an aircraft wing in flight. The idea emphasises the spirit of adventure, exploration and sense of freedom that is almost unique to the precious time spent onboard a high-performance aircraft.