Communication Design

Olivia Coghlan

Bachelor of Communication Design Melbourne

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Hiya! I’m Liv. A fun, young and passionate Melbourne based designer who isn’t afraid of bright bold colours and thinking outside of the box.
I love that design is different and challenging but also very rewarding. Design is not only for something to look ‘pretty’ or ‘aesthetically pleasing’ which for a long time I thought but, it is to make a statement, tell a story, create a political stance, or make someone’s life that little bit better. This is why I design.
I appreciate all forms of design, but I have drawn particular interests towards branding and publication design. Something I never thought I would do but am grateful I found.
If I am not designing, I am spending time with my bunny, baking all sorts of delicious treats or watching true crime documentaries.

Crimescene Magazine

Crimescene is a magazine that brings you into a world that is unimaginable to oneself. Looking into the most notorious serial killers and the lead up to the murders. We take you through from their childhood right up to their time in jail. This magazine is not for the faint hearted as we show some gruesome crime scene images to help bring the stories to life while still being tasteful towards all victims involved. From beginning to end you know what the magazine is about which is communicated through the supporting type, imagery, and illustrations.
True crime is on the rise and is becoming more and more popular, so this magazine is great for the true crime buff in you.

Core Juices

Waking up in the morning can be difficult for some but not when you have Core Juices waiting in the fridge for you to crack open and pour a big glass of. You’ll want to be jumping out of bed for the sugary goodness. Core Juices was created as a healthier alternative to highly processed fruit juices. We want to put YOUR health first and give you all the nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants you need to get through the day while still tasting refreshingly good. Core Juices wants to be the reason you start your day off ‘Refreshed to the core.’
Behind the brand:
The bright, bold colours of the labels are to contrast against the juice colour to make it easier to see, even when you are half asleep.
Core Juices wants to do their part for the environment, so they have developed a unique cone shaped glass bottle which can be reused or recycled.