Interior Design Commercial

Chiho Tarui

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Brisbane

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I believe that design has the power to enrich the human mind. As an interior designer, I would like to create memorable and meaningful designs delivering positive impacts and experiences on our lives.

During my studies, I have enjoyed enhancing my design thinking process and refining my technical skills through working on a number of projects, including live briefs. In my design process, I especially value conceptual and human-centred design. I also have an interest in pursuing sustainability from a design perspective and would like to further develop my knowledge and experience in this area and incorporate it into my designs.

I am currently seeking an opportunity to gain more experience in the industry (It would be possible to move to anywhere in Australia if I have the opportunity). I have a positive attitude and eager to learn new things and always striving to perform my best.

Gorman | Retail Design Project

Brief | This project requires the development of new retail interior design concepts for an existing store, with a focus on capturing the ethos and aesthetics of an existing brand and creating a more optimal consumer brand experience.

Gorman is a female apparel label originating in Australia. With a strong focus on in-house textile design and artist collaborations, Gorman offers unique, colourful and fun design.

The site, James Street, is known as one of Brisbane’s hubs and leafy precinct for a premium collection of designer boutiques, lifestyle, design and restaurants.

The concept for the new interior design is to bring a refreshing and light feel to the brand, adding young energy that was relevant for the current market. Although most Gorman stores, including the current James Street store, feature an interior with timbers, the new design idea is to dare to give the interior a minimalist tone to set off and maximize the Gorman product range, characterised by its colourful and patterns.
Also, inspired by Gorman's products, especially jewellery and clothing patterns, shapes that give artistic and quirky impressions are incorporated in the interior.

NURSE LOG | Andreu World International Design Contest

Brief | Creating sustainable design of a seat and/or table with a consideration of product lifecycle in terms of materials, durability, longevity and manufacturing.

The name of the stool is nurse log. My idea came from the circulation of the natural world. A nurse log is a fallen tree and as it decays it provides ecological facilitation to seedlings. And once the old tree has finished its role as a nutrient, it decays and disappears, leaving behind a hollow in the shape of the tree. I found it very interesting and fascinating, and I wanted to express in my design this beautiful and interesting hollow shape that nature creates in order to give people an idea of the circulation and sustainability of nature.

For the material, I chose the Queensland maple because of its beautiful colour and texture and in terms of longevity and sustainability.

To ensure user comfort, the seating was created at 460 height to be paired with the standard table height. And this height can be also good to be used as a low side table and extra seating when those are gathering around sofas.
Nurse log has two main components, a top and legs. It can be removed and disassembled whenever repairs are needed or storage is required. Also, if one part is damaged, users can replace only that part and it will last a lifetime.

Nurse log, a stool that reminds us of the gentleness and greatness of nature.