Interior Design and Decoration

Brodie Wolffe

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Melbourne

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Curating considered and thoughtful approaches to interior design with a love and inspiration for the finer details is my passion.

I am a passionate and excited interior design graduate with a desire to create inspired and curated spaces for people to experience and love. I have a keen interest in retail and residential design and seeing the development of a space from ideation to completion is incredibly rewarding and exciting to me. For me, the details in a project from the choice of materials, to the curation of custom joinery is one of the most exciting parts in creating a holistic and inspiring interior space. I thoroughly enjoy tailoring concepts to individual briefs.

Currently, I have decided to further my studies by studying a Bachelor of Interior Design with a focus on commercial projects with Billy Blue College of Design. I am expected to finish my studies in the later half of 2022 and I am interested in seeking an internship or part-time work in a studio. In 2020, I was the student winner of the Byzantine Design and Nood Co. collaborative competition to create a piece of bathroom furniture.


This project saw a collaboration with the South Australian Tourism Commission to create a restaurant bar and cellar door in Australia's wine region of McLaren Vale. The cellar door is home to three local South Australian beverage manufacturers to showcase the states unique and tailored offerings. (g)namma seeks to encapsulate the beautiful unequivocally Australian landscape, with inspiration being drawn from natural rock formations and native flora. The site aims to capture the essence of coming together to drink and be in the company of others. The naming of the project is derived from the Aboriginal phrase 'gnamma hole', which translates to 'a natural hole in a rock in which rainwater collects'.

Assembly Label Flinders Lane

Authenticity, a love of simplicity, and a timeless sophistication. These are the three pillars of the Assembly Label brand that has been translated into the design of their newest store in Melbourne's high-end, Flinders Lane. Assembly Label is a clothing brand that offers quality staple clothing which evokes feelings of the Australian coastal climate and lifestyle. Understanding that Australia's connection to the land is more than a surface level, the design of the site is a homage to the locality of the store and natural materials. Utilising the retail design method of event theory, the experience within the store combines a calming sense of simplicity with an intriguing palette of materiality. Through earnest research into the Assembly Label brand and it's approach to all aspects of the business, the translation of simplicity paired with an innovative direction for the brands newest addition to their store line-up was achieved. The Flinders Lane site is a sensory event for consumers and transports them onto a beautiful journey into the retail experience.