Communication Design

Angelina Watson

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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👋🏽 Hi, I’m Angelina. I live for crisp designs, delish colours and goosebump worthy textures; diversity and representation.

My style can be modern and clean or colourful and bold; my process is collaborative and exciting. I love working with big and small personalities and brands in fashion and hospitality.

Sukoshi Affair

Sukoshi Affair is a conceptual piece for a 5-star Japanese restaurant on Sydney's Darling Harbour. Sukoshi translates to 'a little' in Japanese. The concept centres around being whisked away by the restaurant's delicacies, flavours, aromas, and ambience, so much so that you feel mischievous. Perhaps you'll sneak out in the dead of night to delight in just one more bite of the sashimi ceviche.

Feel luxurious and well looked after at Sukoshi Affair with housemade saké and Michelin star dishes complete with complimentary valet parking on arrival. Indulge in its rich tones and textures with hints of gold throughout its branding on menus, packaging and candle-lit table settings.

Concept | Creative Direction | Branding | Illustration

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Aither is a conceptual brand of canned, premixed gins with flavours so fresh and impressive it tastes out of this world. Beginning with three introductory flavours named after planets, each flavour of Aither features a pivotal illustration piece. These illustrations are interpretations of dreams I've had that appeared particularly out of the ordinary, memorable and almost heavenly.

In ancient Greece, Aither was a primordial deity embodying the pure upper air that the gods breathed, heavenly and out of this world.

Concept | Creative Direction | Branding | Illustration

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