Interior Design and Decoration

Amelia Rosek

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Ultimo

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Known as ‘Minnie’, I am located in Sydney and passionately exploring the beginnings of my design career. My first love was Ballet which leads me to subconsciously incorporate my adoration for organic movement and versatility in my designs. I am eager to delve into the world of drafting, sourcing and curating design ideas to create memorable spaces for clients while soaking up as much knowledge and experience along the way.

The Curators Club

The Curators Club excitedly welcomes their first store to the retail world; starting out as an e-commerce business, Rosie Scott is taking a huge leap and expanding her love for holistic living to The Rocks. ‘Holistic Modern Elegance’ is the driving concept behind the design, ensuring a calm and uplifting mood is felt by all upon arrival will be achieved through the grounding and earthy colourway inspired by ‘TCC’s Tones’. Hues of dusty pink, subtle peaches and warm rusts bring peace and comfort as you wander through the organically curved display, showcasing earth’s natural beauties; custom joinery wrapped in textured stone that are complimented by wooden tones instantly asserts the design intent. Remaining respectful to The Rocks historic nature we have the opportunity to elevate the history of this space with a modern and elegant touch.

The Curators Club will achieve to invite customers to sit with no time restraints and enjoy the space whilst relaxing in the comfortable lounge area and sipping on some crystal infused tea surrounded by tranquillity. The invitation is extended to guests and visitors to experience the serenity and ambience of the cosy meditation room designed to encourage the practice of clearing the mind and grounding the soul. Managed by a team of 10, upstairs homes the office; the earthy, comfortable and calming mood continues as you enter into the soft and elegant meeting lounge that is hugged by warm toned drapes. A dedicated hospitality kitchen and staff kitchenette sits above the working area of the office providing a sense of separation, allowing for all aspects of the business to be run effortlessly.

Blume Valley

Blume Valley By Heston, a luxury restaurant with a scientific twist. German word ‘Blumenthal’ directly translates to ‘Flower Valley’ in English, which inspired the proposal of Heston’s Sydney restaurant. This will take you on a journey not only through his explorative food but also through the intriguing interiors of Blume Valley. With rich pink rendered walls, polished concrete floors embedded with dried flowers, warm timbers, custom sage leather and continuous accents of pink tones throughout, you will truly be embarking on a unique experience.