Branded Fashion Design

Ally Thomas

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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Hey, I'm Ally, an aspiring young fashion designer looking to grasp any opportunity i can to gain more experience within the fashion industry. After studying at Billy Blue my style and knowledge has evolved and enriched itself. Whilst i have always had a love for relaxed, beachy garments, i have unearthed the importance of sustainability and supporting the community to create design's that do better for our society and the environment.

I am an enthusiastic go getter that is always up for a challenge, especially if it means i will learn in the process. With a passion for art, sport and fashion, i am always striving to improve personally, physically and skilfully. Although my studies at Billy blue have come to an end, i'm excited for new doors to open and discover even more throughout my journey in the fashion industry.

Malia The Label

Malia the label is a sustainable resort wear brand that collaborates with emerging Australian artist's. Our relaxed, yet sophisticated designer pieces encapsulate stories of self-expression, inspiration and share values that inspire each individual artist.

The 'Rekindle' resort collection has been carefully curated in collaboration with Jaqueline Burgess, an Australian artist located along the South Coast of NSW. The hand-painted print work delves into the beauty of Australia and reminds humanity that happiness can be found in the little things despite a worldwide pandemic. Made from natural cottons and eco recycled lycra, this sustainable resort wear collection rekindles optimism through joyful expression of prints, sophisticated detailing and soft feminine silhouettes.

Malia The Label

This garment was an earlier project for 'Malia The Label', which explored the concept of restricted travel due to the pandemic. The 'Aliira' maxi dress expresses how humanity is connected to nature and even the slightest imbalance between them can cause a ripple effect on our surroundings.

For this project i hand-painted motifs of Australian flora and digitalised these to create a repeat print. Although this was challenging, i learnt so much during the process and continued to explore these techniques in my final project for Billy Blue.