Simone Scouller

Bachelor of Gaming Online

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Hello, I'm Simone studying a Bachelor of Software Engineering Game Programming!
I'm located in North Queensland Near Cape Tribulation and have been studying my course online for 3 years.
What Iā€™m looking forward to in the future is being part of a great team and publish a game that thousands can play and enjoy.

MoonWake AR Game

As part of Work Integrated Learning (WIL), we were given the amazing opportunity to create a 'Phygital' Public Realm Experience for Rhodes Waterside 2025.
Part of this brief was to broaden the Centre's community appeal, connect customers to Retail, add a Biophilic Design, and have a highly personalized and High-tech Customer Experience.
To accomplish this, we created the Brand Moonwake.
My task for this brief was to create an AR Game that interlocked most key points in the brief. The main objective in the game is to scan QR Codes within MIRVAC, obtain chests, which the player can then open to collect Pets and Vouchers they can use in Stores within MIRVAC. The game is in its prototype stage and is playable on mobile.


Rover is a 3D adventure game I started developing early in my degree that I am extremely proud off.
The main objective of the game is that you can explore mars through the eyes of a rover, drive around and drill suspicious rocks.