3D Design and Animation

Lok Sang Ho

Bachelor of 3D Design and Animation Ultimo

Video Bio
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I am Lok Sang and I am from Sydney. My passion is for VFX but also enjoy 3D modelling. I am a fan of wing chun kung fu.

Mardini Challenge 2021 (SideFX)

This contest was open to all and involved using Houdini to create a piece of work every day based on a given prompt. It was quite a learning experience for me, and I am still learning the software now. The contest was held in March 2021.

Project/Client Website

Krispy Kreme Chatswood Re-creation

The brief was to create an environment using Maya. I re-created the Chatswood Krispy Kreme store because I liked the design of the place. It was a challenging project but I learnt a lot of modelling techniques along the way.

Lok Sang Ho Video bio