3D Design and Animation

Hung-Chin Chen

Bachelor of 3D Design and Animation Ultimo

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Hello, My name is Hung-Chin (Amanda).
I am a Sydney-based creative designer and illustrator with a passion for new challenges in different varieties of design. I have completed a Bachelor of Digital Media Design, majoring in 3D Animation at Billy Blue College of Design.
During my studies, I have worked on a variety of Motion, 3D, and 2D projects. My main focus was developing as a 2D motion graphics designer, including visual effects editing and development.
In addition to my studies, I have worked as an art and mandarin teacher across all levels of education including volunteer work for disadvantaged elementary art students. More recently, I have worked on various motion/illustration graphic design projects for organizations and personal projects. I have also worked as a mural artist for restaurants in Westfield.
I am skilled in the user interface, UX design, graphic design, branding, identity design, and advertising.

Bubble Tea Bear

My brand for this project is base on “Bubble tea”. Bubble tea is a beverage that was invented by the Taiwanese. Taiwan is my background, so I want to introduce my country’s traits and designs something that is related to my culture. The idea of my mascot, which is called “ Bubble Tea Bear.“ I was originally thinking about creating some characters from
the ingredients of bubble tea, like ice cubes, bubble teacups, or pearls.
Then, I started to do some mind maps about Taiwan. Eventually, I came up with the Formosan Black Bears that are endemic to Taiwan with the white mark pattern on the chest. The bubble tea bear which I designed has cute eyes and wear bubble tea pattern pant.
The white V mark on the chest has the subspecies of the bear. The personality of this character is childish, creative, naughty, and optimistic. In addition, it makes the character more vibrant to wear a bright colour hat.

Project/Client Website

Nutrition CO

Nutrition Co is the local healthy food social enterprise that delivers rights-based food in a modern way. The accessibility of social entrepreneurship serves healthy meals and organic food, supporting local farms and factories.

It is crucial that Nutrition CO corporate with different farms and factory to create healthy meals and product to the customers. Nutrition CO creates a space for people to share their recipe, gain healthy-eating knowledge, and track their eating diet, instead of waiting in the cafe for food or buy fast food nearby the working place. Our mobile market-in-a-bus brings fresh, healthy local food to locations that people already frequent, such as recreation centres, offices, churches, and schools in a fast way. We also donate half our profits to supply low-come and homeless people with warm and healthy food.

Through healthy eating on a tight budget initiative, our partner provides free monthly workshops and some fresh vegetables that focus on balancing health, nutrition, and personal budgets to boost a healthy community.

In this project, I also developed the skills for
- Researching
- UX Design
- Typography
- User Journeys
- Sketching and Wireframing
- High Fidelity Prototyping

Project/Client Website

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