Dayna Aspite

Bachelor of Gaming Ultimo

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Hello! My name is Dayna and I'm currently studying my Bachelor's of Game Design & Development at the Ultimo campus. I'm a huge videogame enthusiast, I love involving my audience into my art and I've very lucky videogames allow me to do just that. Outside of videogame design, I also enjoy graphic design.

The Witch's Room

The brief for this piece was to pick a topic/field from the 3D world and focus on researching everything about it.
I decided to research box modelling, as it's commonly used in the game and animation world. Because of this I wanted to learn more about it so I can make box modelling part of my skillset.

​The Witch's Home was created in Maya and rendered out in Arnold Rendering with simple materials and focal point lighting.

I go further into my design process in my portfolio site with extra videos outlining the main props of the room :)

Project/Client Website


Reaching the end of my degree, the final assessment(s) have been to create a game with a small group of other students expanding over a 6 month period. With the greatest guidance from Trent (the head of the gaming unit), my team and I created a stylised survival game that focuses on crafting structures and a strategic level up system based around magic abilities and other various buffs. Sigil is currently being built in Unreal Engine 4 for the PC.

As we are in early stages of development, the prototype focuses on an off-branch of the main island level with one enemy; Steve, the lava guy.

My role in the group was Project Manager along with keeping on top of concepting and creating UI assets. I learnt a lot from falling into this role! I found a new love for project management and learnt the importance of concepting. As much as it is fun to dive straight into creating a game, there's so much careful consideration to take prior to creating. From this Capstone pre-production class, I have learnt many new skills in developing my creative and teamwork skills.

To see more of my contribution to this project and my fellow classmate's link, visit my website linked in the 'URL for Project'.

Project/Client Website