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Practical tips & tricks on making it in our industry, with insights from a freelancing agent.

Fleur Madden

CEO Freelancing Gems

Fleur Madden has spent her whole career creating opportunities for women. She is an award-winning businesswoman, experienced CEO/Founder, recognized industry expert and women in business speaker with 18 years of experience running her own businesses. Fleur started her first company The Red Republic at 23 that she sold 14 years later to a multinational. Along her journey, she has acquired other businesses, founded an online beauty company Lulu and Lipstick that she sold in 2016, where just prior her makeup brushes were in the gift bags for the 2016 Oscars. She has sat on an international board and since her semi-retirement in 2018, she has been advising other CEO’s on growth strategies and preparing for a business sale. It was during her ‘ retirement’ that Freelancing Gems as a concept started to come to life. Fleur has spent her whole career leading teams of women, being passionate about the advancement of women at work and creating opportunities for women to grow and evolve.